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Welcome to my blog! My name is Brooke Putney and I am eighteen years old. I truly believe that words of Truth have the power to change the world. This blog is my collected project of trying to produce a few. Here is a little bit about me, myself and I…

I think treating people well is the most significant thing we can do on earth. I believe we were born with a gap in our hearts, a gap the size of our Creator, that can only be filled by our Creator Himself. I believe we were crafted out of love and sculpted by Grace which translates to my belief that no man is greater or less than another, the belief that we all deserve the same overflow of love. The teachings that I have grasped onto lead me to believe the world we live in will never be enough for us and in the same breath, will constantly tell us, we are not enough for it. I believe that life to the full involves a, “YES,” to God, no matter how small or unsure that, “YES,” may sound leaving our mouths. I believe in laughing. I believe in vulnerability. I believe in being kind. But most importantly, I believe that I am starting to sound like that overused Audrey Hepburn quote.

I like to write. To take pictures. To make videos. To hike. To run. To be.

For some reason, the Today show gets me excited to be alive and working. For obvious reasons, Austin, Texas in my mind is the greatest city in the world. For other reasons, NYC is my second favorite. I trust dog people far more than I trust cat people. Many of my nights contain a Jimmy Fallon interview search into Youtube. My favorite friend is Chandler.

I like chalkboard walls a whole lot. And cork board ones too. I make a lot of puns but am fully aware there is absolutely no difference between a good pun and a bad one. My favorite Thanksgiving food is sweet potatoes. I would never pay money for rock candy. One of my life dreams is to have a yellow lab named Cowboy. Chinese food gets five stars from me. I am fascinated by drone videos. Math was never my strong point. I want to do something with writing and videography when I become an older Brooke Putney. I am far less serious in real life than I come across on the internet.

Despite whether it’s your first time clicking around on here or you come here often, thank you. Thank you very much for reading what I have to say and sharing it with your friends and family. It means a lot to me and always will. No matter how long I write for, I think someone sharing my words will always get me excited. I will let you know if anything changes in regards to this and you can go ahead and stop. Thanks for all the encouraging words throughout this project. In regards to this blog, I hope you are inspired. In regards to your personal life, I hope you have some good news and a compliment coming your way soon.