A Poem Called As Divided As Ever

“As divided as ever,”

but we do not let it digest.

To replace the throne with male or female,

despite their name,

we will end finding

no rest.

To base our love for others on current circumstances,

we are following no call.

To only hug and celebrate those who our words agree with,

we can’t claim the title of one for love,

not in the slightest,

not at all.

We are people given voice

and it should never be muted.

But how loudly are we raising our opinions,

and how softly are we whispering

where we tell ourselves we are being rooted.

A temporary title,

which you are allowed to worship or despise.

But how much personal effort it is,

to fall into the suffering of land on either side of those lies?

If we were half as eager to show compassion

and accept all of man, not simply some

as we are about posting of our awe or fury of this one,

media obsessed and honored outcome.

Perhaps closer to heaven on earth this world would seem,

if we had our eyes fixed on what is eternal

and not what we categorize, mainstream.

A voice given to us to say what we believe,

but not given to us to speak hatred to those

who don’t see what we see.

We are called to do what is right and pursue love and respect.

But we cannot be hateful when fighting for what is right-

If we are chasing light with flames,

our pursuit will continue to continue staying wrecked.

For Jesus would stand firm in His faith and be steady in reason,

but can we faithfully say, Jesus would be one ready for slander

in the brokenness of season?

“But love your enemies,” He speaks,

for this advice does not fade,

may we ask ourselves,

in the end, what is all for me,

that will be weighed?

You were created with a mind full of wonder

and stance but may we be reminded,

no man was made to come in contact with the gospel

as the cruelty of this world continues to make his view blinded.

Have your voice because a gift to you, it has been handed.

But cease the pursuit of the evil infused into your words,

for they leave others made in His image,

only further wounded and stranded.

True power is not held in who you vote for or even in who you protest,

True power is in the assurance that you nor I was

created in a complex yet raw type of jest.

And if this is true,

then our eternal, internal security should lead us above.

Above hate,

above slander,

above name calling,

above, we shall rise, above.

Because this country is not in need of an overflow of aggressive opinions,

above, we shall rise, above,

what we need is so simple that it has become ignored,

and in this ignorance, what

as humans, do we seem to be moving toward?

above, we shall rise, above,

because how desperately, in this country,

do we need to fight for our

regardless sense of acceptance,

we shall rise above,

how desperately in this country do we need to regain

just our willingness to love?