A Letter To The Men Who Marry My Best Friends

To the sweetest of men,

For if you were not, you would not be worthy of reading these words. You won, you lucked out, you made it and boy, am I pumped that you did. If you are among the twelve men and have made no right decisions in your life thus far, stand confident in the fact that you have made a decision far more than merely right on this day. A current reoccurring line to your bride from myself  is, “I am so excited to dance at your wedding!”

Regardless of if you go with a band or DJ, I am excited to dance at your wedding. My excitement is not linked to my dance moves or lack thereof. My excitement is not connected to my hope for the growth and evolution of music that comes about during the season of emotional speeches and planning; Well perhaps for you, the season of embarrassing stories being unveiled and nodding your head in agreement, yet all the same, I remain incredibly eager to dance at your wedding. Eager I remain, because on that day, it will be of such clarity that one of the most intelligent, beautiful, wise, funny, bold and unapologetically themselves people I know, has been seen for all they are and honored in that, respected in that, admired in that and loved in all that. I will dance because they have deserved no less. I will dance because you have seen their worth and beauty and marked it as far too valuable to be without for the rest of your days.

And why I’ll dance in all the more joy is because I have seen them without you and know they are far more than capable of dancing alone for the rest of their days. I will dance in all the more joy because you were not needed in their lives, as they were not in your own as you both were designed specifically for a Father and son relationship before a doubled flesh relationship, but there is great beauty in the Father’s choices for us, in how he chooses us for one another in pursuing one another back to Him through a love far greater than man. There is beauty in choosing one another because we know how chosen we are in solitude. And in my extremely biased opinion, if you are reading this, your choosing is wonderful.

To the future husband of Larson, you are in for a real treat. You are giving your forever to a multitude of laughs. Her confidence and boldness, both which she is probably far too humble to notice herself, is something that I do not think will ever grow old within the next seventy or so years. She can make conversation with just about anyone, again, which she is probably too humble to admit. She is kind and real and has never tried to play a role other than herself. But if you guys ever get a dog, please don’t let her kiss it on the mouth. That is disgusting. But you my friend, are lucky, lucky, lucky.

To the future husband of Addison, I think I have heard of the expectations of yourself more than any other, so if you are reading this, many boxes have been checked and you should be very impressed with yourself. My advice to you would be to let her tell you every story that has ever been formed because she is the greatest and funniest story-teller I think I will ever meet. My best guess is that your lifetime after this day, will be a remarkable adventure as the one you marry has a heart willing and ready to adventure and see and feel. You are guaranteed to become a main character in a ridiculously good story to come. Congrats, dude. And always say yes to pizza.

To the future husband of Emma, she is good and gentle and truthful and how favored you are to be chosen in the midst of that. She does not love people out of her own heart and her excitement for the gospel is not hidden or covered up. Notice that. She is so good, I had to release my way of judging because she likes crunchy peanut butter and cats. The correct answer if not obvious, is creamy and dogs. But she wrecked it because I enjoy her presence so much. That means something. I know you are also, probably one of the kindest people I am yet to meet if she is your wife to be. I am anxious to know you. You two will probably change the world. I can’t wait.

To the future husband of Carly, your life will be filled up with positivity and encouragement. She has known how to run after people for a long while before she knew you. She always captures the expression of the happiest person in the room. She is loyal and continual. She is not one to speak poorly of people. She is one who welcomes and will not remind only you of your worth, but will be celebrating the name of each person surrounding the table she sits at and inviting them into a place of comfort. I hope that is enough goodness for you to be looking forward to the rest. You will also probably have a beach house in your future. That’s beside the point but, just letting you know. P.S: I cannot wait to dance.

To the future husband of Alli, you are marrying the most sarcastic person I have ever met with the best sense of humor I have ever come into contact with. I hope you go along with her bits. Please do. She is probably the easiest person to speak to and someone who you feel absolutely no judgement from when speaking to. I also hope you enjoy golden retrievers. You will probably have four and she will probably refer to them all as puppies until they reach the age of eight. Please make sure she doesn’t refer to your children as babies until they reach the age of eight. Or worse, tell people how many months they are until they reach the age of eight. Anyway, you have chosen so well. You will probably be laughing the majority of your life. Don’t expect to be the funny one but my guess is thay you are very funny. I will find out later. I am excited just writing this. You hit the jackpot, sir. Enjoy!

To the future husband of Mackenzie, I don’t think I will ever, “get,” someone as much as I get your wife, so I am enthusiastic to meet your soul in a different kind of way. I hope by this point you know not to use trendy words. She hates that. And if not already known, learn to find the pleasure in simplicity. She loves that. She practices courage more than she probably gives herself credit for. She’ll make you feel like you’re home and as if you can be your truest self regardless of your physical location. Realize and compliment her heart for not being one for her own personal gain, but for loving others in a reckless manner. Realize her greatest desire is to help people and know people. Know you are marrying into a selfless love and that is all the more reason to dance.

To the future husband of Sabrina, she knows who she is and by now, I assume you do as well. And if you do, I am sure you are ecstatic to see her walk down the aisle in coming to you. She is beautiful and creative and doesn’t mess around when she speaks of the character of Jesus. That is probably the very reason you fell in love with her. All she does and says seems to be filtered through the Love which she knows she always holds and the love she knows He holds for others as well. Your home will also probably be filled with beautiful calligraphy and paintings. That’s exciting. I hope you’re excited, not just for the paintings but for your bride. You should be.

To the future husband of Caroline, you will probably dance at your wedding more than I will at these twelve weddings put together. You are in for a lot of dancing. The boy who marries Caroline, that’s just a fun person to be. Your wife will have no idea how good she is with simply being with people and talking to people. People are attracted to her celebration of life tangled up in her sense of humor, friendliness and energy yet she also is one for matters of depth and truth. So don’t be surprised if you ever end an hour-long conversation about the meaning of life with the cha-cha slide. Also, always make sure there is enough coffee in the kitchen. You are in for such fun.

To the future husband of Lydia, be prepared to be on the move and climb and go and see things and experience and live life to the absolute fullest. You’ll most likely backpack through Europe, sky-dive, do an iron man and climb Kilimanjaro all in one day if Lydia is in your passenger seat. You are not only marrying a go-getter but the most generous person I know. She knows how to give to people, for no reason other to love them. She knows how to show up. She knows how to work hard, really hard. She also knows how to express love. You won’t wonder that she cares for you. She is good things wrapped up in altruistic nature.

To the future husband of Clara, I hope you attempt to make her laugh often just for the pure delight of hearing her laugh often. It is hearty and full of honesty. Just like her. Clara practices daring vulnerability like nobodies business. Notice that then appreciate that. She is a picture of both the Lord’s willingness to share and His attractiveness of compassion and kindness. She also realizes the good in people and tells them of it. You will also probably be the sideline supporter for some marathons in your lifetime. Just a heads up. And if she makes you a green juice, just drink it.

To the future husband of Michelle, the sweetest person in the world is who you are marrying. Michelle beams the light which has transformed her. I have never known a soul to dislike her. She is steady in her personal design. She is humility. She is full of truth and is eager to share the gospel in whatever form despite her circumstances. She gets it. She gets what life is truly about and what we are here for and consistently looks at life through a lens beyond the world. She is lovely and shows what it means to live out of a new heart and I can’t to meet the one who knows all this to be true.

To the future husband of Alexa, I hope you lead your marriage in the appreciation of your wife. I hope you live in appreciation of how she sees the beauty and joy in what is in the details and what can be overlooked by many. I hope you appreciate her sense of humor and her love for reading. She encompasses a sense of affirmation, affirmation that you do not have to alter yourself in the slightest to be capable of being loved in fullness. I hope you appreciate her energy connected to light and authenticity. I hope you appreciate how approachable she is not only to you, but to all. I hope you love all that she is and all that she will be.