Rushing To The Cross


I have seen hundreds of articles on what you should say, wear and think during sorority recruitment. I am not writing this as a twenty-one year old who has viewed both sides of the week-long process. I am writing as an eighteen year old who is going through the first side of the exciting, draining, joyous, happening, week-long, “process.” I can’t […]

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The Gospel In A Nutshell


I forget it often. The whole thing, the entirety of the gospel, it escapes both my mind and heart as I live in a worthless rebellion. I whole heartedly believe this world would improve in areas of morality, peace and love if those who claimed the title as, “Christian,” read or even simply skimmed through the story of Jesus’ feet […]

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Five Lessons In Five Days

I learned these five lessons in the past five days. That’s all I have got for an introduction. Enjoy! “That’s not nothing.” -Brian Sorgenfrei Today I listened to another Mississippi State RUF sermon on my run which then transferred over into my car ride home. The topic was the reality of heaven, the truth that this world is not the end […]

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Remember Your Mission

Without disciplining ourselves through Christ in order to become near to Christ, we find ourselves far off from reality. To us, with no amazement of God or passion for fullness, we describe reality as what our eyes can see and what our hearts can feel. We feel inferior to all those surrounding us and that stands in our hearts as reality. […]

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We Are Missing It

I drove past a flag lowered at half-staff the other day and before I could ask myself the question of which occasion it was honoring, I interrupted myself to ask, which occasion could it not be honoring? It seems as if, in the last few months, when the sun rises, so does a new tragedy- a new headline, a new […]

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